YoM/Lab Leader Application

Benefits of becoming a Leader:

“Exponential growth and impact as a leader and facilitator in my career and family life.”
“I get the experience of what it is like to make a difference and be a part of someone’s growth.”
“I learned how to be accountable in a team, which also creates security for the members.”
“I learned how to educate others so they can see the “why” behind directives.”

Testimonials and Benefits


Prerequisites for Certification in Year of More Leadership:

Prerequisites for Certification in NSC Leadership:

Prerequisites for Certification in PP Leadership:

Beneficial for all Certification:

Requirements and Responsibilities

Certification for All Lab Leadership:

Additional for Year of More Lab Leadership:

Additional for NSC & PP Lab Leadership:


Direct outlay of costs for personal coaching, Encounter training and Leadership Intensive Training.

Typical Leadership Pathway to become a Master Leader and Facilitator

About you

Please answer the following

Please share your vision for becoming a lab leader. Why now?
What leadership skills do you wish to develop?
What yearnings do you hope to achieve by investing this time in your development?
How do you see this impacting your life? In what ways?
What gifts and leadership skills do you already have that will benefit the group?
What area do you expect to develop the most/what are your skill gaps that will be challenged?
Do you imagine a period of time you'd like to do this for?