Are you ready to unleash your power as a woman in today's world?

"A woman is courageous through her vulnerability, strong through her compassion, and powerful through her ability to step into the unknown."

- Dr. Judith Wright

Are you ready to unleash your power as a woman in today's world?

If you've never felt the extraordinary strength of your feminine gifts, or if you've only felt glimpses of it in occasional outpourings of compassion or bold moments of anger, know this: 
After this training, you will have a difficult time ever underestimating the possibilities of your power again.

This inspiring, immersive, and personalized three-day online experience will reveal the truth of:

  • How your emotions are your superpower
  • How your vulnerability is one of your greatest strengths
  • How your "being" matters as much as your "doing"
  • How your care can move mountains
  • How your anger is a gift

"The most powerful experience to own the beauty and magnificence a woman is. Raw, pure, it allowed me to see myself clearly through my eyes, through other people's eyes, and finally feel proud to be a woman." 

- Brissa 
 WEE participant

Why WEE? And why now?

“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

Madam C. J. Walker

There is a quiet gnawing inside you. A voice roaring in your heart telling you that your real self has not yet been revealed or experienced, by you or anyone.

You know you have more. But you haven't found a sacred enough space to share these thoughts—with others who understand and feel it themselves. 

Unhappiness and dissatisfaction take up too much space in your day right now.

You know that as you step into your power the world will benefit. But you could use some data and allies to back up this bold idea.

You can change that in one weekend—join us on the journey!

What can you expect to feel after your WEE training? 

You will:

  • Make a greater impact with friends and family, in your career, in your community, and in the world
  • Be energized and inspired about your unique power and possibilitiesHave an increased sense of self-appreciation and self-affection
  • Gain tools and skills to challenge limiting beliefs that get in the way of you embracing the whole of your power
  • Experience greater satisfaction and success as you take your place in the world with authenticity

What will happen as you move forward in your life? 

You'll experience:

  • A deeper connection to yourself, other women, and the world
  • An expansion of your emotional intelligence as you use your feelings as a superpower
  • Satisfaction as you unleash unique skills and gifts that you may have dismissed or been unaware of
  • Greater impact, influence, and satisfaction in every area of your life

Why invest in women and yourself? It pays off. Here are just a few of the facts.

Having women in corporate leadership positions leads to increased profits
(source: New York Times Study of 22,000 public companies in 91 countries)

Firms with at least one female founder had, on average, more than double the rate of return than those founded by men
(source: KPMG study of 91 financial tech companies in the U.K.)

Companies with more women on their boards perform better on environmental, social, and governance issues
(source: Kellie A. McElhaney & Sanaz Mobasseri, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business)

"The Woman's Essential Experience was an incredible 3-day experience. I received the most truthful and impactful feedback about [myself]. I felt so alive,energized, and present. The connection that I have with these women is deep unlike any group I've been a part of before."

WEE participant

Woman’s Essential Experience

What you can expect:

• Live, interactive, virtual access to full
  weekend training

• Personalized coaching in small groups

• Immersive practice experiences

• Comprehensive digital workbook


Friday, May 21 – Sunday, May 23


$395 - through April 15
$445 - from April 16 to May 5
$495 - May 6 and beyond

*Cancellation Policy: For Woman's Essential Experience participants and assistants, transactions may be canceled without a penalty until May 11, 2021.

All cancellations for the Woman's Essential Experience after May 11, 2021, will incur a $100 fee.

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