Be Kind to Yourself: How to Boost Your Productivity and Have More Satisfaction

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Do you think you should be doing better than you are? Working less? Achieving more? Want to change that? Be kinder to yourself.

Neuroscience of Connecting: How an Authentic Connection with Yourself Changes Everything

Join Wright Foundation coach George Donald Miller as he gives you the tools you need to create a more purposeful connection with everyone around you.

Purpose and Meaning in the Here and Now–A Conversation

Living purposefully doesn’t have to be about grandiose missions. Living purposely is something we can do even in the smallest moments to make a significant impact on every area of our lives. Learn how to find your purpose and use it effectively every single day.

Boost Your EI: Bring Life On!

Are you ready to get MORE of what you want in your life? Emotional intelligence is a crucial and learnable skill, and you’ll learn simple ways to boost yours!

Beyond Positive Thinking

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You’ll learn what does and does NOT work to redirect those stinking thoughts into a more expansive and energizing way of experiencing yourself and your life.

Neuroscience of Purpose

Navigating life when life is going smoothly doesn’t take too much effort.

Finding our way through challenging times, while continuing to thrive and serve, requires orienting to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Neuroscience research shows that purpose is a significant and renewable source of engagement and meaning. It self-organizes us, helps us manage our behaviors, and directs our daily goals.

Rockin’ Relationships: How to Energize and Empower Every Relationship in 2022

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Great lives and great relationships go together. In this new year, debunk some popular (and unhelpful!) relationship myths and celebrate the love that’s all around you.

Join Wright Foundation co-founder and president Dr. Judith Wright for her FREE online webinar, Rockin’ Relationships: How to Energize and Empower Every Relationship in 2022.

You’ll learn:

How to have relationship success both personally and professionally
How to be inspired to take the next step in your relationships
Rules of Engagement to help you create deeper connections in every relationship

Uncover the blocks and barriers holding you back and get the love you want!

Men’s Basic Leadership Training

Develop the skills and insight to recognize your personal barriers to reaching your full potential through an in-depth examination of your life and an exploration of what your vision of success really looks like.

The Hero’s Journey Energize Your Life, Ignite Your World Fundraiser

Join us for an evening of inspiring stories, connection, and new possibilities at our annual Wright Foundation Fundraiser. Together, we can celebrate The Hero’s Journey that we are all on.

Your Heart Knows the Way: 3 Steps for Success in Every Area of Your Life

A new year can bring new joys AND new challenges, but you can find deep satisfaction and meaning in any situation and every moment!