November 11-20

All time is now, and we are each creators of our life’s conditions. We create ourselves and everything that becomes a part of our lives. Any situation in which we might find ourselves is brought about by learning the many pathways of life.

- “The Bowl of Light” by Hank Wesselman

The Wright Foundation’s Spiritual Travel & Study offers a profound and unique experience of taking a journey to bask in the most ancient spiritual sites in Hawaii while nurturing our own inner sites. 


Using the Hawaiian lens of ohana–or family–this expedition encompasses the people, culture, creativity, and divinity of Hawaii, allowing us to reclaim ourselves as belonging to the family of humanity. It’s an opportunity to intentionally connect and to play our part in the human journey towards greater consciousness and love.

We will be fully immersed in Hawaiian culture, history, and spirituality, meeting people living their faith each day in ways we would never have known about otherwise. It is through this experience that we will explore our differences to more deeply embrace how we are all connected. 

As we move through the lush tropical greenery to take in all the extraordinary land offerings, we’ll simultaneously explore our own inner selves’ wild and divine landscape.

By respecting and learning from one another’s similarities and differences, we will honor these sacred teachings and move through our limiting beliefs to become our most loving beings possible.


Spiritual Travel & Study

November 11-20, 2022


The magic of a real here and now experience in lush Hawaii. Airfare, accommodation, meals, and all activities are included.