Parent and Child Training

Itʼs a Family Adventure!

A transformative experience created for the parent and child looking to grow together.

Parenting is rich and rewarding, but also challenging. Finding the unique communication and relationship building style with your child can feel insurmountable at times, especially as they are quickly developing their skills. Everything you do is in service of your child’s greatest good, but that doesn’t always come through.

Notice: If this is your first time doing this training or you have challenges due to the pandemic then enter code FIRSTFAMILY and get $150 off.

What if we told you that a breakthrough to a more fulfilling relationship is right around the corner?

Your family can achieve relationships grounded in respect, boundaries, and open communication. At the Wright Foundation, hundreds of families have come to us, exasperated, because they cannot seem to relate effectively with each other, leading to frustration on both sides. We saw this happen so many times we decided to create a weekend-long experience designed to bring parents together to co-voyage in the wild and complex adventure of parenting while simultaneously providing cutting-edge social and emotional leadership training for the kids.

Who is this training for?

It’s for parents with kids between 5-12 seeking to grow their relationship with their child by understanding their unique communication and developmental needs while digging deeper into their own personal development in the process.

Join us for the in-person training
at the Wisconsin Campus

July 15-17, 2022

Mother/Daughter Father/Son

Do any of these sound familiar?

If you said YES to any of the above, this training is for you.

“I was amazed at the effectiveness of this online training. It was a wonderful mix of online group time to talk, plan and learn and independent time with parent and child. The independent time was a planned activity that was fun and engaging. Our weekend would not have been as conscious.”

Mother of two 

What will you walk away with?




“I learned how to be an independent young lady and I learned that I am a tough girl inside. I also learned how to be myself.”


Six-year old participant

The Parent Child Training

July 15-17, 2022


This training will take place:
Friday, July 15
Saturday, July 16
Sunday, July 17


Notice: If this is your first time doing this training then enter code FIRSTFAMILY and get $150 off.