MORE Life Training: Next Steps

Develop the foundational skills for improving your relationship with your emotions that will help you 
live an abundant, nourishing, and fulfilling life

3 Session Coaching Package

Get support through your journey of personal discovery and potential. A coach helps to train you, and push you to reach further, so you can live your best, most fulfilling life.

With Wright’s Coaching, you can expect to receive a custom tailored approach designed to explore what you desire to improve on, fix, change or get guidance on by getting to the root of what’s inside of you. . The power to change your life is within you.

  • Identify things about yourself you didn’t realize 
  • Get training, support, guidance, and accountability
  • Focus on a bigger vision and dream beyond what you thought was possible

Price: $450 ($600 Value) or $180 ($300 Value)
Sessions are 45 minutes

Purposeful Living and Leadership Weekend

Purpose can bring meaning and joy to everything you do. It can be a beacon to orient to in the darkness and help you bring your highest goals, aspirations, and principles into focus. In turbulent and uncertain times like these, it is easy to feel aimless, anxious, and unsure of your future. That’s why now is the perfect time to discover your purpose.

In the upcoming Purposeful Living and Leadership Weekend of the Year of MORE, you will start to:

  • Live and lead with purpose in every moment of your life
  • Orient towards your principles, values, and aspirations
  • Create meaning and satisfaction in every aspect of your life

Price: $900
When: April 23 to 25, 2021

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Woman's Essential Experience

Join us for three heart-opening, spirit-raising, transformational days that will deeply challenge you and leave you massively inspired about your power and journey as a woman. This training promises a deep dive into exploring and breaking through the disempowering beliefs about women that have existed for millennia.

During Woman’s Essential Experience you will:

  • Learn to acknowledge and honor your feminine gifts and skills
  • Experience challenges that give you the opportunity to identify limiting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Have mind-opening and inspirational conversations that lead to spiritual searching and deep bonding with other women

Price: Before April 25th is $395
April 26th to May 5th is $445
May 5th and beyond $495

When: May 21-23, 2021

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Men’s Basic Training 

A New Model of Manhood – Thriving in a New Normal: What does it mean to be a man in today’s world? With so much change and challenge in our world today, men are looking for ways to thrive in their careers, families and communities while bringing more solutions to our world. This training will help you develop the skills and insight to recognize your personal barriers to reaching your full potential.

During the Men’s Basic Training, you will:

  • Learn to lead and relate strongly through social and emotional intelligence skills
  • Increase your energy, vitality and power as a man
  • Experience deeper, more meaningful relationships with your family, friends and co-workers

Price: $395 ($595 Value)

When: October 15-17, 2021

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Program Deposit

Are you interested in one of the Wright Foundation trainings or programs, but not able to pay the full price today? Hold your spot with a $100 deposit. 

Wright Graduate University

Do you want to take your leadership to the next level, become a coach, or ground your personal development journey in research-based, immediately-applicable academic study?

In this unique trans-disciplinary approach, high-quality academic inquiry meets performative learning. You become a scholar-practitioner studying what it takes to transform in your own life and business.

Every degree and certificate program at Wright Graduate University includes components of the Wright Foundation’s Year of More, and financial aid is available for those who apply and qualify. 

Training Leadership

We believe leadership is the ability of every individual to positively influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. Use the MORE Life Leadership Team as an opportunity to grow into a new level of leadership for yourself!

By joining the program you’ll be part of a dynamic, fluid team, working together to practice social and emotional intelligence skills while revisiting the curriculum from the training. You can participate in another MORE Life Training in its entirety or pick a portion of the weekend that fits your schedule. 

Price: FREE
When: June 4-6, 2021 (Or any of our other upcoming trainings)

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Policy: Except for Men’s Basic Training and Assisting and Woman's Essential Experience and Assisting, transactions may be canceled without penalty or obligation until the program start date. If a student withdraws after having participated in all or part of a training, he or she shall be entitled to a prorated refund.

For Men's Basic Training and Woman's Essential Experience, all cancellations less than 30 days before the training will incur a $100 fee. 

All deposits are valid for one year.