Advanced Men's Basic Training

February 23, March 9, March 23, and April 6

The Advanced Men’s Basic Training is designed to guide you in examining your life. Through focusing on your true yearnings, you create a vision and path to success. 

Our changing world needs personal and potent leadership. You have the power to lead in life– wherever you are, whoever you are.

Using A New Model for Manhood as a map, you will leave these four power-packed sessions empowered to:

  • Raise the effectiveness in your groups and teams
  • Experience stronger focus and satisfaction with a clear sense of commitment
  • Act with a clearer sense of purpose
  • Strengthen your relationships–starting  with yourself
  • Enjoy more engagement and fulfilment in your life

If you need a personal tune-up,  acceleration in your growth,  getting past a pattern that isn’t working for you, or for any other reason you might invent—get your questions answered and be there.

–Robert, participant


Men's Basic Training

Live • Interactive • Immersive

  • Thursday, February 23rd: Up to and Beyond Conformity
  • Thursday, March 9th: Breaking Through from Conformity to Expression
  • Thursday, March 23rd: Moving from Striving to Purpose
  • Thursday, April 6th: Transforming from Recognizing Your Gaps to Developing a Sense of Mastery–Becoming the Most Loving Human Being That You Can Become

4 sessions for


If you are part of the Men’s Leadership Collective of Scrum Program, please register here.

Meet Your Speaker

Dr. Rich Lyons

Wright Foundation Board Member & Adjunct Faculty of the Lyons School of Transformational Business at Wright Graduate University