SOFIA Presents: The Power of Ritual




Nov 08 2022


8:15 pm - 9:30 pm


Online Zoom

A ritual can be as simple as a good morning kiss…or as complex as a wedding or a state funeral. Yet whatever form it takes, ritual can be a potent tool for defining identity, expressing emotion, creating order from chaos, and connecting us to something bigger.

What role does ritual play in your life as a woman? What role would you like it to play? Since before recorded time, women have used rituals to bring meaning, beauty and texture to life—to mark time and space in ways that make them special or sacred. And some would argue that modern culture is less rich and satisfying now because we’ve lost our connection with ritual.

Join us for a conversation about the power of ritual and how you can make it one of your tools for transformation. Research shows that rituals can decrease anxiety, increase confidence, boost performance, ease grief—even help us with changes like quitting smoking. Learn what ritual is, and how it has been used through history. Then, understand what it can do for you as a woman learning to live according to feminine values. You’ll leave with an appreciation for the transformational power of ritual and the knowledge to weave rituals of your own creation into your days.

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