Lead with Emotional Intelligence: The Secret to Success and Satisfaction


Oct 27 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


  • George Donald Miller
    George Donald Miller

    George Donald Miller coaches leaders to nurture and grow themselves while empowering and developing others. George Donald has over 8 years of full-time coaching experience and small group facilitation and an M.A. in transformational leadership and coaching.

What’s the secret of all great leaders? 

Emotions—they’re a superpower!

Research shows that the most potent, satisfied leaders are emotionally intelligent leaders who are aware of their own emotions, how to manage them, and how they relate to everyone around them.

At the Wright Foundation, we define leadership as “An individual’s ability to influence the thoughts, feelings, and actions of another individual.”

In other words, you’re leading ALL the time. 

So even if you’re not in a “power position,” you still have the power to lead in the ways you engage or don’t engage with what’s happening around you. 

In this free online workshop, George Donald Miller, Wright Foundation Coach and Career Program Manager, will share how you can become an emotionally intelligent leader by:

  • Building your emotionally intelligent leadership muscle
  • Leading teams to have greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Finding more meaning, satisfaction, and success in your career and relationships

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